Hyperdeflationary token with automatic BuyBack and holders reward

Best Shitcoin Ever (BSE)

Best Shitcoin Ever (BSE) is not just any coin, because BSE is the best shitcoin ever!
Experience BSE BuyBack, the revolutionary technology in the world of cryptocurrencies. Owners of Best Shitcoin Ever are automatically rewarded for holding the coin as well as with burns to the liquidity pool.

Join the BSE community and experience the possibilities of a hyperdeflationary cryptocurrency today.

Why invest in Best Shitcoin Ever?

Best Shitcoin Ever is a deflationary community token on the Binance Network that uses the new standard of DeFi tokenomics.

Each BSE transaction is associated with a holder fee of 4%. These are distributed to all holders of BSE via smart contract. When you hold your BSE tokens in the wallet, they automatically become more. A revolutionary form of passive income!

In addition, every BSE transaction is charged with 4% BuyBack fee. The income from this fee is managed by Smart Contract and cannot be withdrawn. Whenever someone sells BSE, the Smart Contract buys back BSE and burns it immediately. This avoids major dumps and ensures the price increases in the long run.

Its features make Best Shitcoin Ever very interesting for both holders and traders.

The infrastructure behind Best Shitcoin Ever

There is no point in cleverly distributing transaction fees if there is no reason for transactions other than trading. For this reason, a 3% marketing fee is charged with every transaction. The revenue from the marketing fee is used to build the infrastructure behind Best Shitcoin Ever. Planned are a marketplace and an affiliate network. Through these offerings, traders, earners and consumers within the community can benefit from each other equally. The money stays in the «family» so to speak.

These offers, which are affordable with BSE and provided by KryptoRente, are non-profit offers. This means that all income from fees, advertising revenue and commissions, after deducting operating costs, is passed on 100% to the community in the form of revenue sharing.


Best Shitcoin Ever is not a token that is thrown on the market without any sense or reason. Since BSE is a hyperdeflationary token, people are stingy about issuing it. So behind BSE we will build an infrastructure that provides value to traders, networkers, blog owners, youtubers and many others that is worth paying for with BSE.

There will also be opportunities to earn BSE for free. In order to benefit from the holder fee, earners will very often pay out their BSE to their own wallet. This will cause a lot of traffic which means a lot of rewards for the holders.

How to buy Best Shitcoin Ever

Best Shitcoin Ever is a token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). So make sure you have a wallet or browser extension installed that supports the Binance Smart Chain. We recommend MetaMask. Since the sale is processed via a smart contract, only BNB is accepted. Please make sure that you have enough BNB in your wallet.

If not already done automatically, click on the «Connect» button. Then click on the «Add to Wallet» button to add Best Shitcoin Ever to your wallet. After that you can buy BSE.

Please use DApp browser/extension (e.g. Metamask)
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Token Contract:

Best Shitcoin Ever (BSE)

Token Sale Info

Total sale quantity: 532800000000
Token price: 0.000001 BNB ( tokens per 1 BNB)
Tokens sold:
Total raised: BNB
Unsold tokens:

Token sale status:

My tokens balance:

Buy Best Shitcoin Ever

You have two options to buy BSE. The first way is to enter below how much BSE you want to buy, click «Buy» and confirm the purchase in your wallet.


The second way to buy BSE is by sending BNB to the contract (gas limit min 200000). The contract will then immediately send you the corresponding number of BSE.


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